Trout Rules

A vaild ticket must be purchased from the lodge before you can fish;
Only barbless or debarbed hooks to be used;
Anglers must fill out a ‘Catch and Returns’ form before leaving;
Minimum of 6lb tippet;
All fish to be returned to the water if on a ‘Catch and Release’ ticket;
All anglers on a ‘Catch and Kill’ ticket must have a landing net and priest;
All anglers on a ‘Catch and Release’ ticket must have a landing net;
No keep nets or sacks;
No fish to be held higher than knee height;
All nets, slings and mats must be dipped in disinfectant provided;
When an angler is opposite you, please cast no further than the centre of the pool;
All litter to be placed in bins;
No trout over 10lbs to be killed;
Anglers are not permitted to take any vehicle to the Trout pool;
No dogs;
No radios or excessive noise;
No swimming;
No wading;
No anti-social behaviour will;
Anglers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (over 21 years of age) at all times;
No more than one spectator per angler;
Fly fishers must have a current and valid EA Rod License;
No rods to be left unattended;
When buying a ‘Kill Ticket’ the first fish caught must be killed before going on to catch and release;
All damaged fish to be reported to the Lodge as soon as possible.

Seighford Lakes accept no responsibility for injury, death, loss or damage of personal property whilst on the complex.

We reserve the right to close all or parts of the complex at any time.

Any damage to Seighford Lakes property will result in prosecution and a life time ban.​​​

Fly Fishing at Seighford Lakes


The Railway Pool

The Railway will accommodate twenty anglers, it gives the opportunity to fish different methods and sustains a great variety of fly life in abundance.
It holds rainbow, blue and brown trout to double; figures all excellent fighting fish, so come and fish this excellent friendly fishery. You won't be disappointed. See below for rules and ticket prices.

We are also part of the Trout Master waters. For those who may not know about the Trout Masters competition, ​click the red button below. 

TEL: 01785 282967

Day Tickets

Catch and release 

1 Fish ticket 

2 Fish ticket 

4 Fish ticket

​Each fish thereafter

Evening Tickets

(from 5:00pm)

Catch and Release

1 Fish

​Each Fish thereafter