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Coarse Rules

A valid ticket must be purchased from the lodge before you can fish;
Only barbless or micro-barbed hooks to be used;
All fish to be returned to the water;
All anglers must have a landing net;

No braided mainline to be used;
No keep nets or sacks and no fish to be held higher than knee height;
All nets must be dry upon arrival;
When an angler is opposite you, please cast no further than the centre of the pool;
Fishing only from designated areas and no stalking;
No excessive ground baiting;
All litter to be placed in bins;
No dogs;
No radios or excessive noise;
No swimming;
No wading;
No fires;

BBQs to be raised from ground level to avoid fires;
No anti-social behaviour;
Anglers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (over 21 years of age) at all times;
No more than one spectator per angler;
Spectators accompanying a 24-hour ticket holder are to pay 50% of standard ticket price for insurance reasons;
No rods are to be left unattended;
All damaged fish to be reported to the Lodge as soon as possible.  

Seighford Lakes accept no responsibility for injury, death, loss or damage of personal property whilst on the complex.

We reserve the right to close all or parts of the complex at any time.

Any damage to Seighford Lakes property will result in prosecution and a life time ban.

 Coarse at Seighford  Lakes

Coarse Fishing Price List 

Horseshoe Pool

Day Ticket (2 Rods)                £7.00

Senior Citizen (60+)               £5.00

24-hour Ticket*                       £15.00

Old Pool

Day Ticket (3 Rods)                £10.00

Senior Citizen (60+)               No discount

24 hour Ticket*                        £20.00

Swan Neck

Day Ticket (3 Rods)                £10.00

Senior Citizen (60+)               No discount

24 hour Ticket*                        £20.00

The Maze

Day Ticket (2 Rods)                £9.00

Senior Citizen (60+)               £7.00

24 hour Ticket*                        £15.00

48 hour Ticket*                        £25.00

Located in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside, Seighford Lakes Coarse fishery offers two fantastic lakes offering top quality sport for match and pleasure anglers alike, with each lake offering different types of fishing. All pegs are accessible by car, have been very well constructed and are a generous distance apart.

The Maze 

The Maze is currently closed for maintenance please check our Facebook Page for updates.

Our biggest coarse lake, The Maze features 50 pegs, and has got quite a reputation for being one of the best looking man made lakes in Staffordshire. The lake also holds carp to 24lbs, bream to 6lb, tench to 6lb and lots of perch and roach as well as plenty of silver fish. Stocking is done frequently and although there are plenty of carp, the lake will remain a mixed coarse fishery with the view that we have something for everyone. The pond is completely pegged out with a large wooden pegs, the pool features three islands to cast to which run down the middle of this large pool. The pool is buzzing with nature: rushes, lilies pads,over hanging trees and bushes - this pool is just beyond beautiful! 

The Horse Shoe
The horse shoe, is a purpose built 14 peg mixed coarse lake with with a small island in the centre of the pool that offers some amazing swims for pole, float or ledger anglers. All pegs differ from each other in size and swims offering good sport for all anglers. A popular lake, it has some amazing features: rushes, over hanging branches and tress. This lake holds Carp (common/mirror/crucian), bream, tench, roach, rudd, silvers and perch - All fish ranging from half a pound up to large doubles.