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Carp Pool

​​​​​​The Old Pool 

Situated next to the lodge, ​the Old Pool was one of our first lakes to be built. You can purchase either a day or 24 hour ticket on this popular pool. Please try to book in advance as we only allow five anglers on per session. The pool itself has a lot to offer when it comes to carp (8lbs-24lbs+) The carp are quick to the rushes in this pool so it pays to be quick on the rods. An amazing mixture of mirrors and commons. The pool itself has some cracking features such as rushes, over hanging trees, an island and lily pads, it really gets that carp radar buzzing.

​The Swan Neck

The Swan Neck is a lovely gin clear water lake of around two and a half acres, it is stocked with 25lbs+ Carp (common/mirror/crucian), bream, tench, roach, rudd, silvers and perch - All fish ranging from half a pound up to large doubles. This buzzing lake can cater for up to eight anglers. The Swan Neck fishes well to all methods.
If you are up for an exciting challenge, this is the lake for you: these fish are excellent fighters!


A valid ticket must be purchased from the lodge before you can fish;
Only micro-barbed hooks to be used;
Minimum of 42” landing net and large unhooking mat (no sharing);
Minimum of 10lb mainline;
All fish to be returned to the water;
No keep nets or sacks;

No braided mainline to be used;
No fish to be held higher than knee height;

All nets and slings must be dry upon arrival;
When an angler is opposite you, please cast no further than the centre of the pool;
Fishing only from designated areas and no stalking;
All litter to be placed in bins;
No dogs;
No radios or excessive noise;
No swimming;
No fires;
BBQs to be raised off the grass to avoid fires;
Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated;
Anglers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (over 21) at all times;
No more than one spectator per angler;
Spectators accompanying a 24-hour ticket holder are to pay 50% of standard ticket price for insurance reasons;
Anglers must be in possession of a valid rod license;
No rods be left unattended;
Bait boats are permitted, but must be used with consideration for others and wildlife;
No maggots to be used as bait;
All damaged fish to be reported to the Lodge as soon as possible.

Seighford Lakes accept no responsibility for injury, death, loss or damage of personal property whilst on the complex.

We reserve the right to close all or parts of the complex at any time.

Any damage to Seighford Lakes property will result in prosecution and a life time ban.


Day Ticket (3 rods) - £10.00

​24 hour Ticket - £20.00

48 hour Ticket - £40.00

72 hour Ticket - £60.00

To secure a peg, a pre-payment must be made. Please ring us before making any payment to ensure a peg is available.  

The Old Pool  and The Swan Neck