Fly fishing at Seighford Lakes

The Swan Neck

is a lovely gin clear water lake of around two and a half acres, it is stocked with Rainbow and Blue trout from 2lb to double figures, and can cater for up to twenty anglers. The Swan Neck fishes well to all methods, particularly imative patterns including buzzers, diawl backs and nymphs. The fish are free rising and will come well to the dry fly in the right conditions.
These fish are excellent fighters and when they take they will strip your line off the reel! 

The Railway Pool

Is of a comparible size and will accommodate another twenty anglers, it gives the opportunity to fish different methods and sustains a great variety of fly life in abundance.
Again it holds Rainbow, Blue and Brown trout to double figures all excellent fighting fish, so come and fish this excellent friendly fishery. You won't be disappointed. See below for rules and ticket prices.

We are also part of the Trout Master waters. For those who may not know about the Trout Masters competition, ​click the red button below. 

Home Of The Angler

  • Rules
  • A valid ticket must be purchased before fishing from the cabin.
  • All anglers must fill in the Catch and Returns before leaving (located on the desk in the cabin).
  • All anglers must fish from the individual pegs and not fish in another anglers swim.
  • Please put your litter in the bin located at the cabin, or please take your litter home.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • The fishery is open at 7:00am, closing time is seasonal, please check the board.
  • On reaching your limit you MUST USE BARBLESS FLYS.
  • All fish caught must be weighed and recorded on the return ticket provided (including nil returns).
  • No wading or swimming allowed at any time.
  • Fly fishers may be accompanied by one non fishing guest only, but at no point are shared rods permitted.
  • All anglers must have a landing net and priest.
  • By paying for a ticket, you undertake to accept and abide by the fishery rules, if you break these rules we regret that you will be asked to leave the premises without a refund.
  • The management take no responsibility for any circumstances affecting the premises that are beyond their control.
  • All visitors to Seighford Lakes Trout Fishery enter at their own risk. No liability attaches to the Management for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property.
  • Fly fishers must have a correct and current fishing licence on the day.
  • Minimum 4lb breaking strain leader. 
  • When buying a fish ticket you must kill said amount first, then go on to catch and release. 
  • All damaged fish must be killed then bought from the cabin at £2.00 per LBS.

Saturday & Sunday

Catch and release 

1 fish ticket


Catch and release   

1 Fish Ticket           

Special offer - Evening tickets From 5.00PM

Day Tickets

Catch and release 

1 Fish ticket 

2 Fish ticket 

4 Fish ticket